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Formed in October 2001 by Malcolm Journeaux and Paul Preston, Crimson Scarlet were renowned for the quality of their live performances, playing many gigs throughout the Greater Manchester area.

The band also recorded four CDs...

Miss Lane
Tracks: Miss Lane - Still You Let Me In

Tears Began To Bleed
Tracks: Tears Began To Bleed - Crying Tears - Paranoia - Yes Baby

Tracks: Pirouette - Oxygen - New Life Story

Neon Lights
Tracks: New Life Story - Neon Lights - Amore

Malcolm initially wrote the music for Paul's lyrics but took over full song writing duties when Paul left the band.

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Paul Preston left in 2005 returning to complete his doctorate at Oxford. Paul wrote the lyrics for Crimson Scarlet's first CD, 'Neon Lights' and was vocalist on the album.

Sarah-Jane Johnson (aka SJ), who replaced Paul as vocalist, performed many gigs with the band and was lead vocalist on the 'Pirouette' album. She left in 2007 to go on to chart success on 'Trance' and 'House' tracks (as Sarah-Jane Neild).

Keyboard player and backing vocalist Richard Harper also left in 2007 to form a band called 'Blue Aurora'. Richard performed many gigs with Crimson Scarlet and played and sang on the 'Pirouette' album.

Sarah-Jane was replaced by Amy Hannan, who left in early 2008 to get married and is now the architect Amy Briers. Amy performed a few gigs and is the vocalist on the 'Tears Began To Bleed' album.

Lisa Jules replaced Amy as vocalist and though she never gigged with the band, Lisa is the vocalist on the band's final album, 'Miss Lane'.

After completing recording the final album in summer 2008, the band finally decided to call it a day.

Of the final line up, John Butterworth, who played either guitar or bass on all the band's albums, returned to playing folk music with his wife Anne as the duo 'False Knight' -

Pete Smith joined Richard in Blue Aurora. Pete performed many gigs with Crimson Scarlet. He also played drums on three of the band's four albums.

Tom Szakaly, who took to the stage for a few gigs with the band and played keyboard on the 'Tears Began To Bleed' and 'Miss Lane' albums, continued performing with his highly regarded 'Emerson, Lake & Palmer' tribute band 'Noddy's Puncture' -

Malcolm Journeaux, guitarist/bass player on all Crimson Scarlet albums, and songwriter on three of the band's four albums, formed a duo named 'Jules and Journeaux' with Lisa Jules, performing Malcolm's songs plus covers.

Malcolm also went on to become a well respected photographer, see: to view his online photographic portfolio.